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A Binding Estimate May Save You Time and Money if Moving

Estimate Moving CostA binding estimate may save you time and money if moving. It is a good idea, though, to not commit to any moving company until you have about ten movers on your list of prospects. Look for that one which has a decade or more of business in your town, is licensed, and gives you a fair estimate.  There are some recommendations provided in this article for you to consider before you sign a contract for your move.

You are thinking about moving yourself?

It is an exciting, but stressful time when it comes to moving to a new home.  You can save a bundle of money if you are doing all the packing, transporting, and unpacking every possession for your new home. Whether your old place is an apartment or a house, you will realize that you have a lot of stuff once you begin the packing. It can all become overwhelming for the hardiest of souls.  Unless you already have a spacious vehicle to carry all your earthly belongings, you will have to rent the right size truck.  If you do this all yourself, be aware that it can take twice the time that you may have anticipated with just the physical part of your move. To do it all properly will take a lot of preparation and planning.

Regarding the packing, you will have to calculate how many sturdy boxes that you will need, how much packing tape, and you will need a permanent marker. You will have to label on each box what are the contents and “Fragile for all the breakables. If you have unlabeled boxes, expect a nightmare at your new home, and the moving is going to be already a challenge. Remember the stress and time factors if you still want to do the move yourself. So, it may be better to give up the money savings, time spent, and stress, for finding and hiring a good local moving company.

Save a lot of time and headaches by using your friends and family to find good mover candidates.  The old axiom that the best advertising is “word-of-mouth” is very true. Even then do not just settle for the first moving company that you have recommended to you. Make that list of ten, take the time to call each company, and jot down info about each one. Get a rough estimate from each one. Do your homework before you call them, and find out just how many boxes and large appliances you will have on their truck. Once you have narrowed the list to one good company, call then Better Business Bureau just to be sure that this is the right mover for you. There are also moving company directories that you can check out online with information about all the moving companies in your area.

Know all actual fees before you get a binding estimate

Be aware of all the moving company fees for each company before you sign a binding estimate. Make a classification chart, and record all the pertinent info for each mover. You can then organize and easily compare all services and costs in their respective category columns.  Make sure that each on tells you right away all fees before you commit. Once you do choose a company, make sure that you read all binding agreements.  The contract is a legal document. Here are a few components for the contract:

  1. Essential parts of quotes and estimates – Be diligent and scrutinize the mover’s quotes and estimates before you may “sign your life away”. If you are uncertain of any literature in the contract, by all means, ask the representative.
  2. Non-binding estimates- Have the agent come to your home, and then give you an estimate. If this company refuses to do that, it’s time to eliminate that one from the list. Even the non-binding quotes must follow certain regulations established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, or FMCSA.
  3. Binding estimates – The binding moving estimates are important to you, and come in two types.  These are the basic and the extra fees:
  • Basic fees are common with all moving companies for their customers.
  • Extra fees are all charges that vary with the customer’s needs in moving.

Extra fees are the additional fees to a contract.  They are supposed to be listed on the company contract, some of which may not pertain to your move. Find out from the agent which ones pertain to your moving situation.

Conclusion to “A binding estimate may save you time and money if moving”

If you are in a Sunbelt city such as Sarasota, Fl, there is a wide selection of moving companies. Start out your search for the company that will be your mover for this life-changing event by getting recommendations from your friends, relatives, and other people whom you trust that have hired a mover.  Call around for Sarasota movers, for example, and jot down the information about the services and fees of each one on a classification chart to keep it all organized. Once you have narrowed your search from a list of ten to the right one, before you sign a binding estimate, make sure you understand every word on it.  A binding estimate may save you time and money if you take the time and effort to hire the right moving company.